Press feedback

„Die flüchtigen, flexiblen Objekte waren wie prähistorische Funde aufgereiht – mit scheinbar wissenschaftlichen Etiketten versehen, wie Exponate aus Material, das Tausende von Jahren überdauert hat – ein charmanter Kontrast konträrer Zeitbegriffe." PAGE 09.2010


„individuals were asked to make little sculptures of their own liking using the 'working materials' of gum made from an ancient process known in mexico long before the aztec empire.“


„Sich in diesem Sinne anregen und letztlich einfach auf andere Gedanken bringen lassen, kann man sich in Berlin an vielen Orten. Sich jedoch im Kunstkontext geschmacklich und visuell verführen lassen, kann man nicht alle Tage.“


チューインガム・アクセサリー(Material Utopia)


core 77
If you're going to be in Berlin next week for DMY: International Design Festival, look for Materials Utopia at the Panatom Gallery, put together by Core contributor and material expert Aart van Bezooyen. Over four days, visitors are invited to transform natural gum – a super sustainable substance according to Aart – into tiny sculptures.

Supplementing the central exhibition, numerous satellite exhibitions in design institutions, museums and galleries take place throughout Berlin during the festival. Various studios will open their doors and give insights into the creative work processes.


6월 9일 2010 베를린 국제디자인페스티벌이 5일간의 일정을 시작했다. 전시회 '소재 유토피아(Materials Utopia)'는 이번 페스티벌의 위성전시들 가운데 하나다. 파나톰 갤러리(Panatom Gallery)가 소재전문가 아르트 판 베조옌(Aart van Bezooyen)와 함께, 소재가 주인공인 전시를 개최한다.


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Further informations

We kindly invite you to the closing reception of our exhibition on 6 July 2010. In a small setting our guests can marvel at the sculptures and a projector will show the World Cup semi-final in our backyard. If you want to attend please register here.